Welcome to SprachTransPort

Language is the way we convey information – in written or spoken form. But as not all of us speak the same language, we sometimes have to repackage or modify our information to ensure it achieves its objective.

SprachTransPort specialises in business and medical content and helps facilitate the smooth flow of information between English and German speaking partners.

SprachTransPort delivers

Your text is carefully transferred from English to German

The information you provide is customised for the intended target group in accordance with your definitions

Linguistic assistance to fit your everyday working needs

At SprachTransPort you will not only find expertise in English and German. I also appreciate that every company and every reader has specific expectations and background and that the space between the lines isn't necessarily blank.

If you are interested in finding out more, you are invited to have a look at the following pages – or to call me.
«Language is a means of transport: Just as a train transports goods from Leipzig to Dresden, language transports thoughts from one brain to another.«
Wilhelm Oswald (1853-1932), German Chemist, Physicist and Philosopher