Each text takes its time.

Drafts, rough ideas or translations for information purposes are essentially about getting a message across. Texts which are to be published require additional stylistic attention. The research work is often more extensive and the necessary proof-reading process is more time-consuming

Good copy requires more than words.

Background knowledge is a must, in terms of both subject matter and language. Information relating to your business or subject is therefore just as important as any English or German publications your company has produced, terminology information, or other approved wording. I use relevant programmes such as SDL Trados to ensure that your terminology is applied consistently throughout.

Your copy is treated carefully.

It goes without saying that your texts will be treated with discretion and confidentiality. Up-to-date antivirus programmes and regular back-ups protect your documents.

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"Aiming at perfection and missing is better than targeting at imperfection and hitting."
Thomas J. Watson jr. (1914-1993), former Chairman and CEO of IBM and U.S. Ambassador to Russia