Proofreading and editing

“Could you have another look at this for me, please?”

Do you need a second opinion before you publish, or do you feel that the text isn’t quite right yet? Your writing is checked for spelling, grammar and punctuation, as well as style, expression and readability – to make sure that your message gets across as you want it to.


Checking of

  • spelling and punctuation
  • grammar
  • consistency in numbering, headlines and number formats
  • consistent spelling of recurrent terms


In addition to proofreading, check of

  • appropriate style and language for your target group
  • train of thoughts and understandability
  • compliance with corporate language and terminology
  • internal logic and plausibility


Post-editing of machine translations

  • In Full Post-Editing the machine translation is edited in a way to make it comparable to a high-quality translation by a specialist human translator.
  • In Post-Editing Light completeness and spelling are checked without giving further attention to grammar and style.